Hands-on Reiki 

Distance Reiki 

I've had chronic pain for years, I've been seeing Jennifer for about 6 months now and so much of my pain is gone. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who is dealing with pain or stress.
-Cathy P.  
Reiki with Jennifer is a wonderful, intriguing  experience! I have received three distance Reiki sessions across thousands of miles, with no expectation and never experiencing Reiki before. I have felt many sensations, seen and released thoughts and opened up to healing. I feel the Reiki as Jennifer engages and when she stops, the energy movement is very defined.
I really look forward to the sessions and highly recommend Jennifer!

Michelle R, England.

A much needed massage for my soul. Calming and uplifiting at the same time. 
-Lynda J. 
Jennifer was polite, professional, and knowledgable about reiki. She was able to answer my questions in a way I could understand. I can easily recommend Jennifer and plan on using her services in the future. 
-Julie B. 
I felt very relaxed within minutes and starting breathing deeply at times, letting out long sighs. I also went into consciousness for a short time which was great. Thanks again for this amazing experience!
I had the best sleep ever.

Gail R, Toronto

I have been to see Jennifer a few times now. My experiences have been wonderful and I always feel fresh and relaxed.
- Claudia T.  
I felt such a calming during meditation, I continued longer than usual! I started with using mantra for each chakra, then ended with feeling a deep unity in my body. Beautiful. Thank you again for bringing healing love into the world.
Julie W., US

After receiving reiki from Jennifer, I felt an incredible sense of serenity and balance, both mentally and physically. 
- Carrie P. 
Thank you so much for the healing Reiki you sent me.  I felt it by: feeling warm and some kind of electrical feelings in my hands and legs.  Also before the end of the Reiki, - my whole body was gone (it was an empty black space), and simultaneously, I saw a black like muddy-like symbol of a lotus then I was back to my body... So again, grateful for extending yourself to me - thank you sooooo much from the bottom of my heart
Julia D. California

I was lying down, I had to find a comfortable position, I found curling up sideways best, then just relax. After a few moments I tried to scan my body for aches and pains. I focused on my left neck which was painful and felt the ache slowly became tolerable if not gone. I had a positive experience, Jennifer, and I thank you for that immensely.
G. K., England